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Compare the best SIM Only contracts here – We search and find you the best SIM Only deals and offers from all the major networks in the UK. If you are looking for the SIM Only plan right for you then browse through the SIM Only contract deals here. We hope to save you time and money.

Best SIM Only Contract Deals

best sim only t-mobile
900 mins
500 texts
30 Days
£25.54 per month

best vodafone sim only offer
600 mins
3000 texts
12 Months
£20.50 per month

3 mobile sim only tariff
2000 mins
5000 texts
30 Days
£25.00 per month

Compare SIM Only Contracts

Compare SIM Only deals below – we compare SIM Only offers from T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Three and Virgin. Whatever your requirements – whether unlimited texts, unlimited internet data, unlimited minutes and calls or even unlimited landline calls we can help. Find SIM Only tariffs ranging from cheap monthly payments of £10 and £15 as well as more expensive tariffs which are £30, £35 a month or above. £20 and £25 SIM Only contracts are mid-range and suitable for the average mobile phone user.

SIM Only Deals by Network

t-mobile sim only plansT-Mobile SIM Only Contracts vodafone sim only contract dealsVodafone SIM Only Contracts o2 simplicity sim only contractsO2 SIM Only Contracts orange sim only tariffsOrange SIM Only Contracts virgin mobile sim only offersVirgin SIM Only Contracts three mobile sim only dealsThree SIM Only Contracts

SIM Only Deals by Price

£10 SIM Only £15 SIM Only £20 SIM Only £25 SIM Only £30 SIM Only £35+SIM Only

Other SIM Only Deals

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What is SIM Only?

Imagine a mobile phone contract without the mobile phone and only the SIM card – that is SIM Only. A SIM Only contract takes away the mobile phone, so you are only left with a SIM card. This SIM Card can then be used in your current mobile phone to give you minutes, texts and internet for a monthly fee.

This makes SIM Only deals ideal for many of us – if you are happy with your mobile phone then get a SIM Only contract, put the new SIM card in your phone and start using it! Mobile phone networks can offer SIM Only plans at a lower price because you are not paying for a new mobile phone – this means a cheaper monthly cost. Also, SIM Only offers are normally 30 day rolling contracts – which means you can cancel at anytime.

SIM Only pay monthly contracts provide the best of both worlds – they give you the value for money tariffs that monthly mobile phone contracts provide, while giving you the flexibility of pay as you go.

Why Choose a SIM Only Contract?

  • Keep Your Existing Mobile Phone - If you are happy with your current mobile phone then a SIM Only contract deal is perfect. You will save money as no handset will be given.
  • Keep Your Number - Keeping your mobile phone number is easy with a SIM Only contract. If you are staying with the same network you are currently with the process is even simpler. A PAC code is required if you are moving networks and this is easy to obtain.
  • Cheaper than Mobile Phone contracts and Pay as You Go - you can expect your average bills to be reduced drastically with pay monthy sim only contracts.
  • More Minutes, Texts and Internet - SIM Only tariffs are better value for money than mobile phone contracts. For less money you will get more minutes, texts and internet. They are also better value than pay as you go SIM cards which can be very expensive, especially when you ring other networks.
  • Flexibility - You can choose from dozens of tariffs on many networks. Since SIM Only contracts are normally 30 days, you are not tied in and can move to a different network whenever you want to, unlike long 18 month contracts.
  • Easier Credit Check - If you have bad credit then a SIM Only deal may be perfect for you. As no handset is provided and the contracts are 30 days only, SIM Only contracts are less ‘risky’ to mobile phone networks. This means you have a greater chance of acceptance than a normal mobile phone contract.

What Pay Monthly SIM Only deal is right for me?

Choosing the right SIM Only tariff can be difficult. We recommend you work out which of the four specifics best describes what you are after, and then compare SIM Only deals for that specific need.

Specific Network - If you want a SIM Only plan on a specific network then you can compare SIM Only deals from T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Vodafone, O2, Virgin and Three.

Specific Cost - Maybe you want a SIM Only contract for a certain monthly price – you can compare £10, £15, £20, £25, £30 and £35 and above pay monthly deals.

Specific Requirement - Maybe you are after a specific requirement and if so, you may want to compare SIM Only tariffs with unlimited texts, unlimited internet data, unlimited minutes or unlimited landline calls.

Specific Phone - If you have a BlackBerry or an iPhone then you will want a SIM Only contract compatible with those particular phones. You can compare iPhone SIM Only deals and BlackBerry SIM Only offers here.