sim only benefitsThere is no doubt about it. SIM Only contracts offer many benefits to mobile phone users. Since their introduction a few years back, SIM Only deals have been slowly growing in popularity. This is because awareness of these offers is spreading and more and more people are wondering if they would be better off applying for these contracts. Moreover in the last few years due to the economic downturn, a lot of users have opted for monthly SIM Only plans because of the uncertainty which surrounds the future and the inevitable job loss risk. It’s also important to stress that networks themselves realise how these plans are idea for many users and will be growing in popularity. As such, multiple networks, including O2 and T-Mobile have launched extensive advertising campaigns solely focused on promoting their SIM Only plans. This included large budget TV campaigns. So the question arises, exactly what benefits do SIM Only tariffs offer?

We will highlight the main benefits of applying for a SIM Only contract. If you are unsure or just need to be convinced that little bit more, then hopefully this will help you decide for sure whether or not SIM Only is something you should go for.

Cheap - One of the main benefits of these deals is that they are cheap compared to Pay As You Go, and offer just as much flexibility! Also when you do a like for like comparison with mobile phone contracts, you get much better value for money with the SIM Only plan. This is understandable because you are not getting a free phone, however even so, the offers are extremely cheap. For example, you can benefit from unlimited internet or unlimited texts for only £10 a month. It’s also important to stress that many of the contracts are only 1 month minimum, so if you only require a certain number of minutes for a few months then you can always cancel, saving you money over a period of time. SIM Only offers are also cheap because the market is very competitive at the minute – the networks realise the potential of these deals and are keen to sign you up!

Flexibility – Probably the main advantage of a SIM Only plan is the flexibility it offers. You are often not tied into a long contract and are free to go up and down the tariffs as you so wish. So if you want the £10 tariff one month, and the £20 tariff the next month, then this is not a problem at all. You also have flexibility in the sense that you can cancel at anytime with monthly rolling deals, and move to another network. This is a good idea if the other network is offering a better deal. You are not tied in!

Easy - There’s no hassle with SIM Only deals. Just pop your sim card into your existing mobile phone and your ready to go. It’s easy to keep the same number too. It also saves you the hassle of moving everything to a new phone, so if you like the handset you have, then why change it?

Choice - a quick look at our comparison site will show you just how much choice you have! The main networks are all offering SIM Only deals because they know how popular they are. There are deals for all budgets and all types of users. Compare prices and make sure you get a good deal. With so much choice you are bound to find a contract which is suitable for your needs and is affordable too!

Bad Credit Ok – SIM only tariffs are suitable for people with bad credit. Since no handset is provided and they are normally only 30 day contracts, networks are much more likely to accept your application. If you have been refused a mobile phone contract, then it’s recommended you apply for a SIM Only plan. They are also great for building your credit rating.

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